Matt is the Editor in Chief of Rotten Tomatoes, the internet's leading movie review aggregator. Prior to joining Rotten Tomatoes, he spent over a decade covering movies and entertainment for sites like Yahoo! Movies, Extra Online, and AOL's Entertainment Asylum. As the voice of Rotten Tomatoes (and an industry expert), Matt has been a frequent guest on various TV and radio shows, including At the Movies, Encore's In the House, and The Young Turks.

WHAT THE FLICK?! is a weekly online movie review show providing a fresh, fun and insightful look at upcoming theater and DVD releases from 4 hosts with distinct backgrounds and personalities: Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies), Matt Atchity (Editor-In-Chief,, Alonso Duralde ( and Linoleum Knife Podcast) and Christy Lemire (AP critic and host of Ebert Presents At The Movies). New reviews every friday. It's not infotainment, it's entermation. For more reviews SUBSCRIBE HERE.


Film Critic, Associated Press, Host of Ebert Presents At The Movies

Christy Lemire is the film critic for the Associated Press. Lemire grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Southern Methodist University. She started writing reviews for Associated Press in 1999. She is currently based in Los Angeles. She made three appearances substituting for Roger Ebert on At the Movies. In 2007 she chose No Country For Old Men as the best film of the year in her top ten list.


Host, Turner Classic Movies, Blogger at The Huffington Post

Ben Mankiewicz, scion of one of Hollywood's legendary families, works at TCM as the weekend daytime host of the network. Ben is the grandson of writer Herman Mankiewicz and great-nephew of director Joseph L. Mankiewicz, who between them wrote and directed such films as Citizen Kane (1941), All About Eve (1950), Guys and Dolls (1955), The Pride of the Yankees (1942), Dinner at Eight (1933) and Cleopatra (1963). Prior to joining TCM, Mankiewicz hosted the news magazine show The Times for WAMI-TV in Miami. He was selected Best Anchor in Miami for two years in a row by The New Times. He has also hosted "At the Movies" for Disney and "The Young Turks" for Sirius Satellite Radio.

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Creator & Exec. Producer


Host, The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur is the host of The Young Turks, the first ever live, daily web television talk show which covers a unique blend of politics, entertainment, sports and pop culture. The Young Turks (Winner: Best Political Podcast 2009 - Podcast Awards and Best Political News Site 2009 - Mashable Awards) is one of the Top 100 YouTube Partners, with over 23 million views a month and over 200,000 subscribers on the main YouTube channel.

Guest Contributor


Jonathan Kim is a film critic on the Young Turks, the Huffington Post, KPFK’s Uprising show, and Jonathan’s ReThink Reviews website ( He has been a regular guest on the Young Turks since 2007, reviewing films and discussing their political dimensions. Before becoming a critic, Jonathan worked at Brave New Films, where he co-produced the FOX Attacks video series with renowned documentary filmmaker/activist Robert Greenwald. Jonathan attended the Vancouver Film School and worked as a ranch hand in Santa Barbara County before moving to Los Angeles in 2007.

ALONSO DURALDE and Linoleum Knife podcast

Alonso Duralde is a film critic and has written about film for,,,, and the Village Voice, among many other publications. He is featured on The Wrap and the Linoleum Knife podcast. He serves as features programmer for the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles and as a pre-screener for the Sundance Film Festival. The former Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Advocate, Duralde also spent five years as the Artistic Director for the USA Film Festival/Dallas. A regular contributor to The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current and IFC's The Grid, Duralde has been featured in documentaries for IFC (Indie Sex, Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema) and Starz (Sex and the Cinema, In the Gutter), as well as on the special features of the Brokeback Mountain and Valley of the Dolls DVDs. He is also the author of 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men (Advocate Books) and Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas (Limelight Editions).